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Expert feedback from industry, investors and academic professionals

The potential, if successful, is enormous. Once your idea has been qualified in preclinical tests and base patents are ensured, i believe financing would be relatively easy to find, as you are in the red hot space of [x]. You have arosen my curiosity and interest. If the opportunity arises, I am open to assist you down the road and follow your progress :)

This is a project that aims to work in a very challenging disease. New approaches to solving the problems of neurodegeneration are sorely required. A lot of thinking has been put into this project... The team appear to be very academic… This would be a good case for venture capital and soft funding

An impressive business plan from your team. I believe you have a very strong starting point towards a success. You have had great success so far on various levels, now I would like someone back the idea with money. But again overall a very exciting and inspiring business plan at many levels.

This product seems as if it is very much needed by the market… It seems as if it is a very strong team of specialists. I do not doubt that this product has its eligibility on the market. I think the market is just waiting for it to be ready to be implemented. Well done

a very innovative idea - [X] - that has the potential to address a very large unmet need in a severely affected patient population. Thus, the market impact of the innovation is potentially very high both in terms of financial and human impact - great!

Overall this business plan is extremely strong. Personally, I wish you all the best with developing and cracking this challenge - many patients would get a lift in the quality of life if you make it. Good luck - fingers crossed

The executive summary is very professional, and the team describes very passionately about the idea and great potential it has. The team has decribed customer pain, market and customer profile clearly and easy to understand

Really well executed customer pain / problem description and a very important and valuable problem to solve - Very good description of the idea - Very good market and industry descriptions - Good team description.

it caught my attention off the start, and from an investors point of view, you are very convincing... Definitely something that is worth as an investment, and that is my main interest here

I lyset af, hvor invaliderende disse sygdomme er, og hvor begrænsede vores behandlingsmuligheder er, så er dette et meget vigtigt og interessant projekt - prof. Poul Hyttel

the team have been comprehensive in their research and analysis to prepare the business plan. Overall a well prepared plan and I hope the team progress further. Good luck

Det kan blive et stort gennembrud. Hajen har en særlig måde at lave antistoffer på. Ved at kombinere flere teorier får det en flersidet effekt - prof. Poul Hyttel

It was great meeting all of you and I sincerely hope that I will be able to contribute to your exciting project by giving helpful advice when needed.

Your idea is indeed very exciting and well thought through. I wish you all the best with your efforts in securing the funding to get going.

The idea is really good and there are many interesting aspects in the business idea which have been given lots of thoughts.

The idea is really good and there are many interesting aspects in the business idea which have been given lots of thoughts

Very impressive! you have made a very good impression. It´s ambitious and you definately target a problem in the market.

Det er imponerende at læse om fremgangen i din virksomhed, som nu har rundet nogle skarpe hjørner - Asger Aamund

this is a remarkable case. The team needs to be super Sharp on the IP and create a protection strategy. exiting :-)

Looks like a solid idea if it works. Financial backing seems to be a main trigger.

Great work. Many thoughts and considerations have been given to the idea.

Sounds as a fantastic product that the world really needs!

very thorough and professional