“To create extraordinary and change the world, don’t bet on the ones going ”by the book” , looking and doing like everyone else“

Careers and jobs

We are looking for Ph.D./master thesis students, interns, part time and full time team members, "praktik", løntilskud, and more. You can get ETCS points (for instance via courses, internship, or thesis projects). We have paid and volounteer teammebers(all receive benefits, stock, percentages etc. )
But if you are only looking for a quick pay check, so not apply. You need to really burn for doing start ups, fighting to build something remarkable, build a new company and save lives from horrible faiths, and understand the amazing long term benefits this has for your c.v., career, monthly future pay and much more.

You can also meet us at entrepreneurial day at CBS and innovations day at Copenhagen University , and in January 2017 in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles.


Why you should work in biotech?

Being part of the team, gives you a whole new level of experience and learning, networking opportunities, additions to your resume, amazing VIP and social events, special training, and much much more, including petting sharks.

You will get intimate relationship with all aspects of drug discovery and development, and unlike big industry and academia, you get insight in all parts of the project and know all people involved. You even get a say in which parts of the project you work on, and what career you want to train yourself for.

It makes a big difference if you show up for work. Your job matters. And you will work on the most interesting scientific topics.

Your co-workers and network will be full of smart, energetic and exciting people.

Being part of the company early on, gives you the option to somewhat handpick what topics you will be working on, as many are still available; and if you are ambitious - you can make an early foundation for a strong career path in the company.


Currently we are looking for

2-3 Post.Doc/ Ph.D. (can be current students) preferably from in life science, with experience in successfully applying for grants and funding. We will be applying for over 100 million DKK, and it is time consuming, hence we need more hands on this. You will also be working on regular science. You will be working closely with the CEO and funding team. Knowledge of immunology, neuro-science and FACS are all advantageous but not a demand.

Enthusiastic intern to be in charge of our crowdfunding and collaborate with our network in this field.

Business students or masters interested in being part of the business development as interns

A person to specialize in funding and grants

Enthusiastic master or master students from IT, Science or business, who wants internships, part time jobs, ETCS points or want Ph.D. student positions.

A Personal Assistant to our CEO Per T. Thim. Organizational skills, patience, a good listener and learner, and versatility will be looked upon as advantageous.

A marine biologist or biology student, preferable with knowledge of sharks. Hands on experience is a plus. You must not be afraid to hold a shark or having to draw blood from it. You will receive training.

1-2 social media intern/webmaster/communications worker. You will be in charge of our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, webpage etc. Experience with HTML, PhotoShop, dreamweaver or similar is a big plus. Being in charge of the webpage and photography. Communicating externally and internally on behalf of the CEO. This could be one and the same person.

A veterinarian or vet. master student. Knowledge of fish and/or small animals is an advantage.




The process

All positions can be part or full-time, and we do take interns too.

You need to be able to work productively, independently and trust in managerial decisions. Some positions can be overlapping; you are welcome to apply for them together, if you have the needed skills.

All positions have the potential to become permanent positions.

As we are working in a field were confidential material is common, you will have to accept the information will pass onto you gradually including details on jobs.


To be considered: Send your C.V., grade transcripts, coverletter/motivation by email, and remember to add what position you are applying for in the subject field! (do use the correct email and subject field and provide the information - or your application may not be directed corretly and you may not be considered. Do not send applications via Facebook, LinkedIn, CEO mail etc.)

Please also add, how you feel you could contribute to the company/project, and what your career dreams are, and how you heard of us/the position.


You will recieve a confirmation and answers if you are eligible. (At times there can be a delay in replies, as we get many applications). You will also recieve something we call a "præ-forventningsafstemning", asking about your wishes and needs.


You are called to an information meeting about the company and project.


The job interview.


Trial period in the company.