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As of March 2018, our news section will primarily be updated via our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/demkip and the facebook page of our partner CCF https://www.facebook.com/cphcerebrum

. We have frequent updates there

February 2018:

We have started tu build our new lab and shark facility

January 2018:

The nonprofit foundation: The Copenhagen Cerebrum Foundation, has helped us to collaborate on 4 shark babies for us, now we help fundraise for the tanks for them



november 2017:

The main cause for getting brain illnesses like Parkinsons and Alzheimers, or worsening symptoms/progression, is stress
Our CEO subdivides this into 3 categories:

  1. Stress in the form most of us recognize as stress: The everyday stressful life, being too busy, and having lost the overview of things.
  2. Chemical stress: By consuming harmful chemicals via food, drinks or air. Pesticides are proven to cause the above diseases
  3. Lack of sleep or poor sleep

The first two, cause additional misfolding and accumulation of these proteins. While the third, causes a lack of “cleaning up” these proteins. The net-result of it all: accumulation of misfolded harmful proteins- causing cell death and spreading of the disease.


October 2017:

Setting up further colaborations in the US to support the foundations' goal

July/August 2017:

Working towards setting up the shared science hub in an old Danish Castle

May 2017:

A.I. and ANN has been added to our research

20th of March 2017:

Advice from our CEO:
"How to combat your illness:
Make sure you get proper sleep. Take a couple of Ginkgo biloba before sleep, this will help clear out waste from your brain during the "washing process" during sleep. Hops (could be in the form of pills) can help you fall a sleep naturally.
During daytime, be sure to get Omega-3, folic acid and B12 vitamin (preferably as a b-vitamin pill including all b-vitamins). This helps maintain and regrow the cells of the brain. Ginseng can help you feel more energized. A ketogenic diet can also help, this includes coconut (please be sceptical towards ketogenic diet webpages. Many have gotten the facts wrong).
All the above mentioned things are natural, and also do not deposit harmfully in the body - hence you are not in a risk by taking a lot of it - the excess will simply be expelled with urine/feces. Omega-3 will cause some weightgain if taken in massive amounts, but 1-2 pills a day is sufficient and will not cause this.
And kohlrabi, blue berries (and other dark berries), fatty fish, walnuts, avocado, coconut, eggs and coffee will all help your brain and provide the nutrients mentioned above."

26th of January 2017:

We are very pleased to announce that our Honorary Advisory Board will be joined by the renowned Dr. William C. Mobley. Distinguished Professor of Neurosciences at UCSD. Former ass. prof. at John Hopkins and prof. and chairman at Stanford University

January 2017:

Expanding and setting up new collaborations, especially in the U. S. San Francisco, San Diego, UCSD, Palo Alto and Stanford; and Germany, Belgium and the U.K

November 2016:

It is decided to put large amounts of work into supporting a non profit foundation

1. November 2016:

DEMKIP passed the POB exam

13th october 2016:

Innovation day at University of Copenhagen - and social event for team

29th september 2016:

Entrepreneurial day at Copenhagen Business School - over 3500 visits to our stand

11th september 2016:

1st september 2016 + 6th september 2016:
Great launch party and CEO birthday, including employee of the month

A lot more media coverage, estimated exposure to over 30 million people. Both locally, nationally and internationally. Here is one local, national and russian:

And over 10000 unique visitors to our youtube, indiegogo, facebook, twitter and website

1st september 2016
Great launch party and CEO birthday, including employee of the month


30.th august 2016:
Wonderful to see so much support from the press, organizations etc:


28.th august 2016:
Launch of our new video for the viral campaign - we hope you love it, months of work went into the campaign - please share


Monday 29th we will be live on Radio P3 nation wide, and we were just in the news paper page 3 - Metro Express


27.th august 2016:
Prelaunch of our new video for the viral campaign - second half

12.th august 2016:
Company Shark Trip - for our breeding program

1.-7.th august 2016:
Shooting our new video for the viral campaign

27. June 2016:
Employees of the Months May and June: Maya and Michal

22. June 2016:
We have set up a team of prominent award winning people from the movie and commercial industry to make our new video to get our message out to all of you


21. June 2016:
Collaboration on Ph.D. project set up with the renowned Prof. Søren Skov & Poul Hyttel and Copenhagen University

16. June 2016:
Top 3 Finale placement in Venture Cup

11. June 2016:
Several new people added to our Team

29. May 2016:
VP Lars Bukhave Joined the Honorary Advisory Board

27. May 2016:
Finalist in Venture Cup

20. May 2016:
Finalist in REBBLS Pitch

18. May 2016:
Featured in Berlingske Business

14. May 2016:
Bryony celebrates half year with DEMKIP

13. May 2016:
Finalist Seed Discovery Day