“To create extraordinary and change the world, don’t bet on the ones going ”by the book” , looking and doing like everyone else“

What do YOU get from this?

Support Us - even small amounts matter!

What do you get from this?
Apart from helping very ill and dying humans get their life back,
you will also have the following options:

From all contributers two will randomly be picked to name a shark and one will get to visit our lab and pet a shark :)

All supportes get their name posted here on the webpage.

1) 50 DKK or 10 dollars/Euro: Your name will be posted on this webpage in a list of people who have supported the cause
2) 100 DKK or 20 dollars/Euro: On top of 1), you have paid for some smaller lab-equipment like pipettes and petri dishes
3) 200 DKK or 30 dollars/Euro: On top of 1) you get a numbered bronze level sticker, to add to your Facebook/ linkedIn etc. to show you have supported, and you have paid for shark food :)

4) 300 DKK or 45 dollars/Euro: You get 1),2) and 3), and a very unique specialty beer, brewed by the CEO himself. And you have paid for a lab coat :)
5) 500 DKK or 75 dollars/Euro: You get 1),3) and 4), but with a numbered silver level sticker.
6) 700 DKK or 100 dollars/Euro: You get 5) and a limited editing specialty beer, brewed by the CEO himself. + you have sponsored larger equipment, like a water pump for the sharks :)

7) 1000 DKK or 150 dollars/Euro: You get 6) + a numbered gold level sticker. + your name will also be placed on an actual plaque placed at our office and lab-space.
8) 2500 DKK or 350 dollars/Euro: You get 7) + you can get to have a part in our upcoming info-video and you will recieve a signed lab coat + you have sponsered a shark set back into nature.
9) 5000 DKK or 750 dollars/Euro: You get 8) + you get to name a shark
+ a numbered platinum level sticker. + you have sponsored a shark! :)

10) 10000 DKK or 1500 dollars/Euro: You get 9) level sticker.+ a guided tour of our lab and meet the sharks
11) 20000 DKK or 3000 dollars/Euro: You get 10)+ a numbered superPlatinum + an invitation to an exclusive social event with an afterparty, with great network opportunities. + you will have sponsored 4 sharks
Above 20000 DKK please contact us, and we will make special arrangements for you.



Payment from the EU:


Payment from the USA:


Payment from Denmark:



53 78 81 88 (DEMKIP)


Bank: Danske Bank
Reg. number: 4001 - Account: 4002358700
IBAN: DK4330004002358700

Please remember to add your name, city and email adress, so we can send you our thanks.

Thank you!


You can get to see exactly what you money was spent on. Simply email us, with the subject line: "what a difference did I make?"

Right now, our entire team are working for free to get the cure available. Some team members have worked over 100 hours a week, without days off, for close to a year!