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Please read, you can really make a difference and change the world we live in.

We are fighting brain diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers, and have an award winning cure - but we need funding to build the lab to produce it and test on patients.

This is your opportunity to easily make a difference and show some compassion. It will only take 1 minute of your time, but can save millions of lives and take away misery.


35% of EU countries healthcare goes to brain diseases, and over 3 million people have Parkinsons in the US and EU. Many of these brain diseases are incurable, have only temporary symptom relief with massive side effect, and end up in death after a long period of misery for both the patient and their close ones.


For as little as 50 kr or less that 8 Euro/dollars, you can make a big difference:

You can transfer with your full name and city, or anonymously or via paypal. You can also support us via your store or network, and we will post about you on our facebook and webpage.

Smaller Companies and Private People that have already supported the cause

click to see: What do you get from this?


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53 78 81 88 (DEMKIP)


Bank: Danske Bank
Reg. number: 4001 - Account: 4002358700
IBAN: DK4330004002358700

Please remember to add your name, city and email adress, so we can send you our thanks.

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You can get to see exactly what you money was spent on. Simply email us, with the subject line: "what a difference did I make?"

Right now, our entire team are working for free to get the cure available. Some team members have worked over 100 hours a week, without days off, for close to a year!


Our full lenght campaing video - we hope you love, a lot of work went into it: