“To create extraordinary and change the world, don’t bet on the ones going ”by the book” , looking and doing like everyone else“


Also have a look at our Advisory Board - which tighly collaborates on many aspects

Per Thiim Thim, CEO:

Triple Elite Master: Biobusiness, Biochemistry/biotech/medicine, IT/E-business. Brewmaster

13 years of university at: University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School and ITU

Experienced CEO and leader of 100+ people departments

Lost one family member to brain disease

Fun facts: Has been professional actor and director for over 25 years in 20 countries. Was the first Danish astronaut Candidate, and is officer of the army

Research & Development - Patents and Funding

Aira Kamic, MD:

Researcher - Autophagy, Neurology, Innovation.

MD - Medical Doctor
University of Copenhagen

Fun Fact: Is passionate about both sharks and peoples wellbeing

Sudhir P. Ramaswamy, Master Pharmacy:

Researcher - Pharmacology & BioBusiness Development

Master of Pharmacy, Manipal University

Stud.cand.merc.bio, Copenhagen Business School & University of Copenhagen

Lost family members to brain disease

Fun Fact: Really likes viking traditions

Dane Gade, Bsc. Science:

Australian Affairs

Bachelor of Health Science (Public and Environmental Health)
Swinburne University

Has family members with brain disease

Fun Fact: descendant of Niels Wilhelm Gade

Ana Calduch, master student:

Researcher - Immunology , Pharmacology, Toxicology, lab. animals & Het. Exp.

Biology- Biotechnology

University of Copenhagen

Fun Fact: Really likes sharks

Business, Administration & IT

Kristian Benestad, Legal Counsel:

Legal, Crowdfunding, Communications

Master of law. LL.M. /Cand. Jur.

University of Copenhagen & Aarhus University

Has several family members with dementia

Fun Fact: Norwegian trapped in Denmark

Asbjørn Jensen:

Private funding

event manager

Has a family member with dementia

Fun Fact: Also has viking heritage

Søren Anker Nielsen

Funding and communication

Experienced as CEO, board member and in management positions

Fun Fact: Lives in a mill

Shashank Pandya, Engineer:

Crowdfunding, Communications, structural laboratory planning and building

Master of Engineering Science
University of Bath-United Kingdom

Has a family member with dementia

Fun Fact: Does Impersonations

Henrik A. Olesen, MBA

Capital and investments counsel

Has family member with brain disease

Fun Fact: Likes Martial Arts and Parties

Jeanette Frederiksen:

Media Artist

Fun Fact: Likes to wear lab coats

We would also like to welcome our newest additions (not depicted by photos yet):

Asbjørn Jensen, Event Manager




We are looking for more people